Challenge your friends across the globe

If you have a 3G, 4G or WiFI internet connection, you can challenge your iPhone-friends to play Drop It!


Unlock achievements

Four in a row is an accomplishment, but 5 in a row is even better. That deserves a reward. Unlock many more achievements like this one.

Top your friends in ranking

Want to know how good you truly are? Check your position in the overall ranking and the friends top 10.

Get personal in the chat lounge

In need of some psychological warfare? Drive your opponent nuts in the chat lounge.

No friends left?
Play with strangers

Can't find anyone else to play with you, simply because you rock at this game? The 'random' feature will help you find a complete stranger, totally unaware of your track record.


Share your victory

Beat somebody? Let all your friends on Facebook know about it!

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